Quarta-feira, 9:35am - 10:35am

Anzen. It helped a 100-year-old, 60,000-person aluminum manufacturer regain its greatness. It powers the culture, operations and massive growth of an online artisan marketplace. It’s the common denominator of every great Lean and Agile principle and practice. Anzen is the Japanese word for safety.


Every day, your time, money, information, reputation, relationships and health are vulnerable. Anzeneers protect people from injuries, hazards or near-misses by establishing anzen in relationships, workspaces, codebases, contracts, processes, products and services.


When anzen is present in a software product, everything just works: people regularly use and recommend the product; engineers modify it without fear; it contains few defects; it can be deployed with ease; it is immune from threats; and it helps protect the organization’s finances, reputation and investors. Anzen is a gateway to habitual excellence.
Anzeneers approach failure as an opportunity to introduce more anzen into their culture, practices, and tools.


In this talk you will learn what anzen is, how it promotes safe risk taking, how to identify faux safety, when it can be taken too far, challenges of growing an anzen culture and what it means to be an Anzeneer.

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Joshua is an entrepreneur, author, programmer and globally recognized thought leader in Agile and Lean software development. He's author of the best-selling, award-winning book, Refactoring to Patterns and a guru-level practitioner of Lean/Agile methods. Joshua started coding early and was a teenager when he developed financial risk management systems for a Wall Street bank. He founded Industrial Logic in 1996 and won a contract to develop the Java version of MTV.com. An early practitioner of Extreme Programming and Agile development, Joshua scaled XP to large companies by innovating practices like Agile Readiness Assessments, Chartering, Storytest-Driven Development and Iterative Usability, many of which are now standard in Agile/Lean enterprise development. Starting in 2006, Joshua and his colleagues produced new state-of-the-art Agile eLearning that has helped thousands of people gain critical Agile engineering and planning skills. Joshua lives with his wife and daughters in Berkeley, California.