The Importance of Culture: Building and Sustaining Effective Engineering Organizations

The Importance of Culture: Building and Sustaining Effective Engineering Organizations

Ballroom B5
Quarta-feira, 2:50pm - 3:40pm

Through the lens of his personal experience from hands-on engineer to Architect to CTO, at organizations ranging from tiny startups to global giants including eBay, Google and Oracle, Randy will discuss several important aspects of engineering cultures, which both support and hinder the ability to innovate: hiring and retention, ownership and collaboration, quality and discipline, and learning and experimentation.


Randy will suggest some learnings about what has worked well – and what has not – in creating and sustaining an effective engineering culture. He will further offer some concrete suggestions on how other organizations – both large and small – can evolve their cultures as well.

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Randy is a Silicon Valley technology executive with 25 years of experience scaling technology infrastructures and engineering organizations, ranging from tiny startups to Internet-scale companies. Most recently, he served as CTO of KIXEYE, a 500-person maker of real-time strategy games for web and mobile devices. Prior to KIXEYE, he was Director of Engineering in Google's cloud computing group, leading several teams building Google App Engine, the world's largest Platform as a Service. Previously, he was CTO and Co-Founder of Shopilly, an ecommerce startup, and spent 6 1/2 years as Chief Engineer and Distinguished Architect at eBay. He was Chief Architect and Fellow at Tumbleweed Communications, and has held various engineering and architecture roles at Oracle and Informatica. Randy is a frequent keynote speaker and consultant in areas from scalability and cloud computing, to analytics and data science, to engineering culture and DevOps. He is particularly interested in the nexus of people, culture, and technology.
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